what people say.

“Vida has the most incredible wisdom that seems to defy her age. She matches this wisdom with a powerful and attractive energy which people find extremely engaging. I first met Vida when she was in charge of the operations of the brilliant charity Key4Life and I was struck not only by her incredible leadership and organisation skills but by her ability to empathise with at risk and ex-offenders. I once heard the phrase social ventriloquist which I subsequently understood to mean somebody like Vida who can relate to people of all types and backgrounds. She would be as at ease with the Queen as she would be talking to the most disadvantaged of young people. This comes from her combination of inner warmth and confidence.”
— John Vincent, CEO, LEON Restaurants
“I had a session with Vida when I was finding it hard to get started on a new project. After the session I felt much clearer in my mind and it unblocked some of the obstacles that I had put in my way.”
— Daisy Goodwin, Writer and Television Producer
“Everyone enjoyed meeting and working with Vida, she was engaging and approachable. They particularly enjoyed the visual breathing exercise at the end, really noticed how different they felt after it.”
— Cat Rudland, Senior Talent Advisor, Momentum Worldwide
“Vida has been instrumental in helping grow Key4Life from a small fledgling charity to a leading organisation tackling one of the most intractable problems across the UK. Her sheer passion, enthusiasm and determination has made this happen.”
— Eva Hamilton, CEO, Key4Life
“Vida is a delightful, brave, caring and thoughtful human being who has an enormous capacity for this work at every level.”
— John Cavanagh, Non Executive Director, Beat Capital
“I ran my first half marathon last weekend and found the techniques incredibly helpful in the final days leading up to the race and on the day itself. I could visualise myself crossing the finish line so clearly and I did (despite sheer pain and exhaustion)!”
— Samantha Couzens , Events and Photography, Health Bloggers Community
“Vida’s methods of delivering personal wellbeing are truly unique. Her non-intrusive nature puts you at ease and lets you relax. Opening yourself up to new techniques allows you to be free of what’s weighing you down and look at everything from a new perspective.”
— Cameron Love, Team Member, LEON Restaurants
“Vida’s techniques helped everyone on the night, myself included, shift their belief in what they’re capable of.”
— Chris Pinner, CEO & Founder, Innerfit
“I’m in the process of interviewing for jobs and I find I can get quite nervous. I’ve found using the technique gives me more confidence and it’s been really useful in enabling me to perform my best”
— Natalie Rickman, Marketing