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“Initiate change in your organisation and empower people to perform at their best.”

Talking about the power of your voice with  This is Artemis , an informal network connecting women across industries.

Talking about the power of your voice with This is Artemis, an informal network connecting women across industries.


I deliver bespoke keynote speeches, training and coaching for a range of companies and charities, enabling people to be the best they can be.

Keynote Speeches

By the end of the talk your audience will feel energised and inspired with the ability to take positive action.

I deliver 45 minute dynamic and interactive speeches on transformation, belief change and the power of positive thinking. Each talk is adapted to suit your organisation’s mission and message.

“Wow. That was the fastest 45 minutes I’ve ever experienced. What a powerful and engaging session.”

Jeremy Cohen, CEO Europe, Kantar


Training sessions provide people with the skills to think differently, live well and enhance performance. I deliver 1 hour to 2 day training programmes on a range of topics including:


  • The power of positive thinking

  • Emotional resilience

  • How to transform stress

  • How to create positive outcomes

"Everyone enjoyed working with Vida, she was engaging and approachable. They particularly enjoyed the visual breathing exercise at the end, really noticed how different they felt after it."

Cat Rudland, Senior Talent Advisor, Momentum Worldwide

Performance Excellence

  • How to go beyond what you think is possible

  • Communicating with confidence

  • How to create positive outcomes

  • Presentation and public speaking skills

"Vida's techniques helped everyone on the night, myself included, shift their belief in what they're capable of."

Chris Pinner, Founder and CEO , Innerfit

Team and Organisational Excellence

  • Building connections and rapport

  • How to communicate effectively

  • Resolving conflict

  • How to motivate and engage people

"The training showed me how to look for a positive outcome at all times. It was useful to learn how to put yourself in another person’s shoes and I will use these techniques for coaching conversations with my team."

Rabson Mwale, Manager, LEON

Training will give you and your team:

  • The skills to solve problems, create outcomes and gain perspective

  • Self-awareness and connection with others

  • Effective communication tools

  • The ability to feel centred and calm

  • Mental clarity and focus

How it works:

Training sessions can take place at your office or a venue booked by your organisation. Timings are flexible and reflective of your needs.

Cost on application and based on length of session, number of participants and content.

Get in touch vida@vidacarmel.com / 07932112462

Organisations I work with include: